Ta’leef Collective provides the space, content and companionship necessary for a healthy understanding, embrace and realization of Islam.

About Ta’leef Collective

Ta’leef Collective began as an outreach program in 2002 and was born into a 501c3 (72-1528691) nonprofit organization in 2009.

We serve seekers actively interested in Islam and converts to the faith, assisting them in realizing a sustainable conversion to and practice of Islam.  Ta’leef Collective also strives to reengage the growing number of disenfranchised and often marginalized Muslim young adults.

Because we recognize the importance of these groups, and the intersection between them, we offer a model tailored specially for them.  By providing alternative social and sacred space, culturally relevant programming and positive companionship, we assist our beneficiaries in holistically practicing Islam in a way that is reconcilable with their social context.  We are a collective of teachers, volunteers, and peers who understand firsthand the challenge of living as Muslims in the west and we strive to provide the necessary means to facilitate that reality.


Ta’leef Collective is a 501c3 (72-1528691) public benefit nonprofit organization.  We are zakat eligible as well.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

  • Imam Zaid Shakir  Chairman 


  • Usama Canon  Founding Director 


  • Diego Arancibia  Director 


  • Mustafa Davis  Co-Founder 


  • David Coolidge  Director 


  • Sameena Basha   


  • Parvez Ahmed   


  • Masroor Ahmed   




Micah Anderson - Convert Continuum of Care Coordinator
Suhaila Aziz - Living & Learning Coordinator
Usama Canon – Founding Director
Pashtana Haroon – Program Research
Hira Khanzada – Volunteer Coordinator
Muhi Khwaja – Development Manager
Heidi Krueger – Bookkeeper
Masoud Rahimi - Project Recollect Coordinator
Stara Rahmani - Program/Admin Assistant
Sabrin Said – Inheritors Coordinator


Alia Bilal – Convert Continuum of Care Assistant Coordinator
Ibrahim Bengali - Volunteer Coordinator
Ayat ElNoory – Special Projects
Ayesha Kazi – Marketing
Mansoor Kazi - Director of Ta’leef Chicago
Mike Swies - Convert Continuum of Care Coordinator


  • Imam Zaid Shakir  

  • Usama Canon  

  • Ali Ataie  

  • Micah Anderson